為了迎合網絡世代的需要,我工作的《亞洲圖書館》,也在進行裝修工程。按照計劃, 三十多萬册的藏書,有一半以上,會送到儲存庫。騰出來的地方,會改建為《學習空間 — Learning Commons》,供學生使用。




Net Generation

Once upon a time there were two little girls living in the same house. The elder one grew up in Canada, currently a university student major in psychology. The little one came two years ago, an international student from Hong Kong. She just received an admission offer from university for the Fall 2018. 

Two girls from different side of the world, from two different families, and having different culture and habits.  However, they do have one thing in common: never watch TV, and never read newspapers.

Surprisingly they know everything happening in our world.  A portable computer and a smart phone are their tools to connect with the world.

News reports saying that printed newspaper will disappear in ten years. In a flash, I was a little upset.  For more than a decade, I enjoy sharing the joys and sorrows of my life with readers of Ming Pao, also make a few bucks from my stories.

Internet has changed our world, from workplace to marketplace, from classroom to the living room, from shopping to entertainment, and most important for me, it changed the Library. For those who are over fifty like me, this is a bit overwhelmed.

In order to meet the needs of the net generation, the university library I work with also undergoing a renovation. According to the plan, half of the 300,000 books will be sent to the storage. The spaces that are vacated will be converted into a Learning Commons, study spaces and programming spaces.

Can’t wait to share this exciting news with Ling Ling (my wife), but she is teasing me: ok, you are obsoleted!  Prepare to retire early!

When half of the collection gone, my jobs like charging and discharging books, processing and maintenance, etc. will be reduced or eliminated, but it need people with appropriate skills to run the learning common and programming spaces.  Before my job gone, new jobs will be created.

The great wheel of time keeps running.   Library is no longer a place to store books. We have to keep up with the time, continue adding value to meet challenges of the future.

-- Original script in Chinese Language, published on April 4, 2018