Lost and Found

This is a news story on Ming Pao Vancouver:  a 70-year-old mom lost her wallet with $8,000 cash in it.  She lost her wallet near the Marine Skytrain Station.  That is the money for her daughter's tuition fee. Fortunately, her wallet is in the hand of a good-hearted person.  He returned the wallet to this old mom, also refused to accept any reward.

It seems that the things of the Arabian Nights happen to the daughter by coincidence.  Newly graduated from the university, lucky enough to find a good job.  When she got her first paycheck, she bought an expensive wallet to reward yourself.  She also took some money and put it in her wallet, prepare to buy something for Mom and Dad.

That day, she took Skytrain to work as usual, from Richmond to Downtown.  When she arrived at Downtown Station and prepare to exit, she couldn't find her wallet.  She was panic and called me for help.  During the conversation, I could feel that she is self-blaming. The wallet and money were her first paycheck, her hard-earned money, and she needed the money to buy something for Dad and Mom.

I was busy at work that time.  The only thing I could do was to comfort her, told her to report the incidence to a station staff, and ask for help.

A week later, my daughter received a call from Translink.  They found her wallet and ask her to take it back as soon as possible.  After some identification process, she got her wallet back.  Believe it or not, everything was intact, and nothing was missing.  We don't know who the good-hearted person is, we can only thank you here.

Not sure why, a lot of time people lost their mutual trust these days.  It happens at the workplace, in the family, and between friends.  Even more ridiculous is that husband and wife do not trust each other.  Legal advisor will tell you to plan for divorce before marriage.  Get a "relationship contract" signed before entering the Church.  

I have the privilege to work at some top ranked universities.  From time to time there are good-hearted student who turns in items found.  When I return things to the panic students, I feel their joy.   Very grateful for the privileges to work at the top of ivory tower, serving the caring and good-hearted student, and accompanying them to success.  Believe me, the kind of satisfaction is something money can't buy.

Our world is warmer than we thought, there are so many good-heart people out there. 

Albert Ng

-- Original script in Chinese Language, published on April 2, 2019